Today was a total wash out and it rained all day, however, it was a lot warmer than it has been so there was no need for the vintage ski suit! Today was the first time I got to bring out the latest edition to my Chanel family and I am just so in love. Vintage does not have to mean old looking and there are some amazing pieces out there if you know where to look. Vintage Chanel is my personal favourite with my collection including 8 bags, 3 jackets, sunglasses and boots that I love styling with more current pieces like my Raf Simons kicks and hats seen in this look.

Shot by Daniel Bruno Grandl aka The Urban Spotter

Hat, Raf Simons

Top, H&M

Jeans, Vintage Versace frayed hem by me

Jacket, Vintage Chanel

Fishnet tights, H&M

Bag, Gucci

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