Standing in a line at castings, I looked around me and realised that I was drowning in Topshop black skinny jeans and H&M basic tees varying from black to grey and white with the occasional nude vest- it’s so boring. I had a flash back to when I was a fresh new face in New York and we had to bring our suitcases (on the subway) to the agency so they could go through our wardrobe choices, kind of like an ANTM challenge.

The booker was so into it and was like “okay ladies, now put together an outfit you would wear for the Calvin Klein casting!!”, we all looked at each other, trying to peep what the model next to us was selecting. I played it safe and picked my high waisted Levi jeans and a white vest top and was so relieved to hear “Amazing Layomay! Great choice”. One of the other girls was a 20 year old from Russia… now I don’t know if you know any fresh Russians but their taste can be quite… different, however, none of us were quite prepared for the white rhinestone studded jeans and multi coloured palm tree vest and red cropped denim jacket she teamed together with such confidence. Oh, and patent heels. “No. No. No. No. You can’t wear any of these things.”, our booker was literally traumatised and they had this big back and forth about these items being her favourite things and how amazing they looked together and what not. Long story short, we all went on a trip to fifth avenue and most of the girls were bought whole new, very expensive wardrobes. I said no thanks I’ll pass to every designer item they were egging me to try on but I was okay because I stuck to the basics and they trust me not to wear anything crazy to castings.

It’s so easy to stay safe during Fashion Week and it’s what we are encouraged to do as models, I assume to avoid the car crash chic that the Russian model had displayed but as you get older and your own style develops, it’s important to show these casting people who you are and express your personal style (if you have any). I love winter styling as I get to pull out my crazy coat collection and have a different hat everyday but when I see girls in all black, I always think back to that day in the agency when playing it safe saved me so much money as I didn’t have to buy new stuff! Now I don’t care about following the rules as clients know me and my personal style so this season be prepared for my Fashion Week looks shot by Daniel Bruno Grandl aka The Urban Spotter!

Hat, Acne Studios

Top, And Other Stories

Ski suit, vintage

Bag, Gucci

Boots, Yeezy Szn 3

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