I remember the first time I got Victoria’s Secret like it was yesterday. The days leading up to the casting I would practice my walk everyday and watched every single show that I could find on youtube (they have literally had the best performers every single year). Walking into the casting was really surreal, seeing the likes of Joan Smalls looking radiant as well as other new hopefuls all hoping to be picked for the biggest show on Earth; I was so nervous but knew that it was a do or die situation. I would either eat my nerves and go in and show them my personality or I would let doubt consume me.


When my booker called me a few days later to tell me I had gotten the show I cried my eyes out and naturally tried to call my mum, who of course, didn’t answer her phone for another six hours- I couldn’t believe I had gotten it! What was funny to me was the fact that after I got it, when I was interviewed about it, I was always asked questions along the lines of “Did you feel pressure to work out to compete with other girls” “Have you heard any stories of bitchiness backstage” and I would always internally roll my eyes- why is it that when a group of women get together, people assume that we try to drag each other down? Why is it that women are always pitted against each other? 


Whether it is a Rihanna vs. Beyonce tweet or a badly pieced together tabloid cover, it’s like people want women to be secretly against one another but one of the reasons I loved doing the show last year and am so excited about going to paris this year is because it proved all of these assumptions wrong. Backstage there was this buzz of excitement oozing from everybody who stepped in; be it Adriana Lima who had walked the show 16 times or a newbie like myself, everybody was so happy to be there. All the girls were mingling and talking over breakfast and as much as people would love me to say it was like Mean Girls with a “you can’t sit with us” situation, it was literally the most chill time ever. When it came to show time, all the big girls were so supportive of us newbies and made us feel so comfortable and confident; it really was like a sisterhood backstage.


Before the last show, Ed Razek gave us a beautiful speech, moving the likes of Adriana to tears. He explained to us how special we all were to be there today and how proud of us he was; I remember feeling so energised and happy afterwards, I couldn’t wait to walk again.

As much as people would revel in the idea that there was cat fights and hair pulling backstage there just wasn’t; the Victoria’s Secret show really is a celebration of powerful, confident women on screen and off and I cannot wait to be a part of this year in Paris!

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