This is my latest beauty haul where I show you all of my favourite beauty bits from my new facial wash and masks, visit what I use to moisturise my body and more! Just click the play button above :)

We all have those days where nothing seems to be going your way. Your hair is moving like a stale wig, erectile look your eyeliner looks like a fake Nike swoosh and your wardrobe is over flowing with clothes that you just don't want to wear. On these kind of days I turn to my lingerie drawer and pick out a colourful matching set and all of a sudden I feel like, maybe, my day won't be too crappy; its like an invisible superhero cape wrapped around nips and nether regions. See me prancing around in my lingerie and scroll to the bottom for my favourite picks!

All underwear Ann Summers

Shot by Philipp Raheem

My Top Picks

Soft and non padded pieces