One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the fact I get to travel all over the world for work which has allowed me to experience different cultures first hand from the people to the food and more. However, what people forget from the outside looking in is that we are all primarily there for work so I don’t always get to see that much of the different places I’ve been; I’ve travelled all the way to Thailand before and ended up spending three days shooting in an air conditioned home before getting straight back on the plane.

This trip I was lucky enough to travel to Isla Mujeres, a small island off of Mexico to shoot a swimwear campaign for Target department store with our set being the actual beach which was a first for me; it was beautiful I was shooting with Shanina Shaik and after I had finished my shots I had a few hours free time which never happens so I was actually about to relax and go for a swim before getting the ferry back to Cancun for my flight. I was literally in Mexico for just over 24 hours so not a holiday, but I will never forget how beautiful the sky looked during the sunswet or crystal clear the ocean was.