I’ve been shooting the Old Navy campaign all week and I am in love with the makeup done by artist Fulvia Farolfi. It is fresh, buy more about young and incredibly easy to do so I thought I would give you an idea as to what products she used to give me this look.


Georgio Armani Maestro liquid foundation in colour 12. She only applied a small amount using her fingers as if it was a tinted moisturiser.


Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in colour Dark 2. Applied using a small concealer brush to the under eye, sildenafil chin, above the lip, the inner socket of the eye and a bit around the nostrils.


Ben Nye Crème Colour which she got from Ricky's NYC. This product may not be available in the UK but it is an orange/ red crème blusher; a lipstick of a similar shade can also be used. Fulvia would apply it with her finger to my cheeks and my chin.

Eyes and Brows:

An eye shadow pallet by Chanel. Fulvia told me to go for cooper eyeshadows with a hint of red and gold to achieve a similar eye. She used her finger and small eye shadow brush to apply across the lid and under my eye. She then curled my eyelashes and applied a light coat of Chanel mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

She used a dark brown eye shadow for my eyebrows applied with an angled brow brush. To give them the thick and wild effect she sprayed hairspray (actual hairspray) onto a disposable mascara wand and brushed up my brows. Makeup artists such as Val Garland have done the same as it stays longer than an ordinary brow gel.


Fulvia used a translucent powder focusing mainly under my eyes to set the concealer then lightly all over the rest of my face. Throughout the day she would top up my face with a clear, matte gel which was great as it didn't make my face look caked in power and stopped my oily skin from becoming shiny under the hot studio light (will get a picture tomorrow).