Long gone are the days of wearing your 3D glasses out the cinema (if you were in to that) and we welcome a new breed of super fun, viagra super stylish shades which can turn any outfit into a streetstyle snappable look. I’m not the type of girl who buys a lot of designer handbags but I do love a pair of designer shades and during the sales I got my green Gucci sunglasses for just £140 but you can find so many great shapes and styles for a lot less too.


Statement Shapes.

I love these type of sunglasses to bring together an outfit. My own personal favourite statement shape sunnies are my Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses (above left) which I wear with everything.

(Top left is no.1, order bottom right, no.4)

1. Miu Miu

2. Nasty Gal

3. Topshop

4. Dior

Colourful Hues.

Whether it be a gradient brown or pop of pink, it is clear that coloured lenses are a must have accessory this summer. Miu Miu is great for quirky glasses. Such an easy way to add colour and character to a look.

Paparazzi Protectors.

You know when you wake up from a night out and want to catch that cheeky mcdonalds breakfast or apple pie but don’t want to been seen? You need a pair of these. My favourite out of the four are the Jeremy Scott machine gun shades- people will know you don’t want to talk!