Ripped jeans has become something of a phenomenon amongst girls and boys a like this year (nod to Kanye who lives in distressed Balmains and designers such as Marques Almeida for the ultra destroyed denim trend) and I too love the challenge of damaging my denim. These white jeans from Topshop were actually already distressed but not to enough for me so I used my bare hands for the bigger rips and added a few more smaller ones with a blade- tutorial coming next week on how to do a bunch of stuff by hand!


Tip: If you want your jeans to have more of a boy fit but still slightly high waisted like mine then get the ‘Topshop Mom’ jeans a size up.

Jacket, page eBay (old H&M)

Tee, Black Lipstick Mafia,

Jeans, Topshop  tall mom jeans

Kicks, Givenchy

Photographer, Philipp Raheem