I love a good DIY but hardly ever have time to do any, viagra order but I was inspired by ones of my new favourite british brands Silver Spoon Attire to make my own version of their infamous crystal headband which Rihanna wore a few months back and then again on New Years Eve. Although theirs is beautiful, price it is also £200 and more of an evening statement piece- I wanted to make mine look more casual. The fact it's a sweat band also means that it keeps my ears warm during the winter and sweat out my face during summer making my DIY headband both pretty and practical. This head band took several attempts so I will try and make the instructions as clear as I can and give the best technique (not many pics as I was by myself ). You will Need: A headband (mine is from American Apparel) 1 metre of the mesh (mega cheap, around £3) Gems (unless you want a plain one) Needle, thread and scissors Hair slides (you'll see why)

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Instructions: 1. Fold your mesh in half length ways and play around with the fabric and see how far down you want it to sit on your face, this will really help you understand how it works because it is flexible but also stiff. Remember you don not want it to be too close to your eyes as it will catch on your lashes! Just tuck the fabric into the top of the head band to gain a rough idea. 2. Cut approx. 5cm off of one side of your mesh length ways (I accidentally cut off 5cm from both sides aka 10cm which caused complications lol) 3. Put the headband on again and position the fabric how you would like it. Synch the mesh by your ears and slide your hair slides to keep the mesh in the position you like. I used one per ear and one in the middle. Do not worry about the excess material- that will go at the back of your headband and make sure that the mesh is placed evenly so that when it is complete you can tie the back into a cute knot or bow. 4. Now, do a running stitch along the top and bottom of the middle of your mesh, about 12cm wide. I wouldn't recommend using a sewing machine because when you put the headband on it stretches and I think that a tight sewing machine stitch might snap. 5. Stitch the sides of your headband where your hair slides should be... I did loads of stitches here so that when I took my hair slides out the mesh didn't move at all. 6. Put your head band on and see if there is any excess mesh at the top or near the ears- you can either cut it away or just tuck it. Then just tie the mesh round the back in a bow and I think that's pretty much it! Adding the Gems: 1. Lay your headband out flat and position your gems in the centre but do not separate them! Remember that when you put the headband on it will stretch so the gems will naturally pull apart. 2. Sew them on as close together as possible... Put your way cool headband onnnnn and ta-daaaa! (Hope my instructions at least help you gain an idea as to how I made it as it took me several hours to even know what I was doing, lol) Photography, Olivia Owen (using my Sony Nex 5N)

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    Here is the second instalment of my video diaries which is about my time during New York leading up to Fashion Week including behind the scenes of modelling jobs, website like this view the continuation of my apartment hunting and way more! Have a surprise at the end of the video which I hope you enjoy too! You can watch the video via youtube here and the first of the Video Diaries here!