After my successful season at fashion week, there spending time in New York working is vital to any model looking to further their career and I realised this when I was there just a few days ago for two weeks working. Of course I did my usual of eating lots of food, buying loads of clothes and doing craziness with my friends Michelene (who you may remember from Paris), Tiara, Safia and Crystal (Plus one night stands with Jena and a few other crazies) but work wise, I had a really good trip- I booked both Oscar de la Renta and just Cavalli pre fall presentations which are amazing designers; I was in love with both my looks!

photo 2

Random Times with Lil Mamaphoto 3

Safia, Michelene, Crystal and I with the Empire State building lit up in the background for Nelson Mandela :(photo 4

Me Michelene and Tiaraphoto 5

Jena came to visit!

ODLR presentation was hosted at their head quarters near Bryant park and all us models donned black wigs which I just loved (I did ask to keep it but had to give it back) and I got to catch up with my friends Maria Borges and Senait Gediey. We had to do the show five times with important people from the industry there each time from vogue editors to and it was a very elegant and simple affair with us requested to walk slow so the audience could take in the clothes. photo 5

Me, Maria and Senaitphoto 1 photo 3

photo 1

photo 4 photo 2 Just Cavalli was the opposite and was hosted at the new store in New York and we walked to pumping tunes and posed with Roberto himself at the end. I closed the show which was great and caught up with my mate Maggie Jablonski and made some new friends too. photo 4 photo 1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 4 Next year I'm getting an apartment in New York- model apartments are not for me, so you'll see many more of my crazy adventures with friends and my roommate Devanie!