He may be annoying, physician but one of the advantages of having an older brother is the over sized jumpers that he no longer wears are always appearing around the house. I was lucky enough to find this "vintage" Trapstar jumper and instantly fell in love with how big and comfortable it is and how simple the design is. It is a XXL so massive on me but I love how it drapes on me; almost batwing in the arms and I can stuff plenty of layers underneath! I teamed it with my Eastpak bag with the perspex back and my reflective detail Balenciaga's on my feet, I was really feeling a white christmas when I shot this look. Jumper, Trapstar Jeans, Topshop Tall Kicks, Balenciaga Bag, Eastpak Scarf, random from Tkmaxx Gloves, North Face shot by Raheem de Phil Image 1 Image 3 Image 9 Image 16 Image 19 Image 6 Image 4   Image 20 Image 13 Image 5 Image 8 Image 11 Image 10 Image 12 Image 14