Some girls buy handbags, ambulance others buy watches and jewellery, treatment others buy expensive make-up; I am none of the above. When it comes to my shopping weakness, viagra there is one item that holds a dear place in my heart (and my bank card) and that is my love for kicks/ sneakers/ trainers- whatever you wish to call them. This year has been a particularly good year for me in regards to kicks and I even have special light up shelves to display my most prized pieces and where the end of the year is fast approaching I felt it was only right to have the first video on my new and improved site be my top six kicks of 2013. This year I have probably only bought eight new pairs but its not the quantity but the quality and uniqueness of my purchases that make my top six a must watch; let me know what you think- do you agree with my number one choice? Compare my video to last years top kicks.       Gearing up for winter months can be depressing. The short days and blisteringly cold nights coupled with a runny nose and ice cold showers (not to mention the snow) can make winter seem dull and grey; however, ambulance about it just because the weather is foul, malady doesn't mean you can warm up your wardrobe. This look is all about playing with textures and cuts to create a structured slouchy look by mixing a pair of tailored tracksuit bottoms with an oversized perforated leather tee and a quilted denim winter jacket. The textured look carries on to my footwear where I sport a pair of ribbed cotton and suede Chanel sneakers which are completely played down when teamed with the tracksuit bottoms. This look is fun because wearing this many different fabrics could be too much but the muted grey and white colour pallette complimented by the denim means it all ties together pretty well; perfect way to brighten up my cold winter days. Check out the behind the scenes pictures here! Jacket, case Topshop White Leather Tee, Kenneth Cole Tracksuit Bottoms, American Apparel Trainers, Chanel Photographer, Raheem DePhil Leomie Anderson 2 Leomie Anderson 1 Leomie Anderson 7 Leomie Anderson 6 Leomie Anderson 5 Leomie Anderson 8 Leomie Anderson 9 Leomie Anderson Final copy