This is my first ever attempt at a video nail tutorial! I hope to post them regularly and obviously I’ll get better at setting them up for you guys but I think my first attempt went rather well! don’t forget to comment and share this tutorial .

Some girls buy handbags, viagra others buy watches and jewellery, approved others buy expensive make-up; I am none of the above. When it comes to my shopping weakness, prostate there is one item that holds a dear place in my heart (and my bank card) and that is my love for kicks/ sneakers/ trainers- whatever you wish to call them. This year has been a particularly good year for me in regards to kicks and I even have special light up shelves to display my most prized pieces and where the end of the year is fast approaching I felt it was only right to have the first video on my new and improved site be my top six kicks of 2013. This year I have probably only bought eight new pairs but its not the quantity but the quality and uniqueness of my purchases that make my top six a must watch; let me know what you think- do you agree with my number one choice? Compare my video to last years top kicks.