After working all weekend doing an event for Ralph Lauren at the Sotheby’s galleries on New Bond St, dosage I had an early awakening to catch the first train to Paris at 5:40am to shoot Vieor Magazine. I hadn’t been back to Paris since fashion week so was excited that I had been cast for this editorial. (My job isn’t just a job, page it’s a lifestyle so getting told I’m going to a different country the following day is normal and it still amazes me that I can go from London to Paris and back home in less than a day). The feel of the shoot was so me; I was oiled up and baring flesh and got on well with the team which is always a plus. I did about ten different looks and each had a different feel which I enjoy the most as I got to play different characters for each shot. Two of the shots were actually topless which I have done before but not for a while; I just embraced it and the shots came out beautifully. People often ask me what it is like shooting topless or nude and I always explain that it’s all about how it’s approached. If the photographer makes you feel comfortable and shows you how the shots are looking as you go along then it’s fine and if I ever feel unhappy about how I look in a shot then I do always say; nothing worse than having such an exposed image of yourself that you feel uncomfortable with. The last look was me covered in body art which was unusual (and very ticklish) but I’m really excited to see how all the images look together. After I showered off the paint I caught the Eurostar back to London and was home by 11:30pm, search exhausted but grateful that I was picked and just ready for the next shoot! IMG_3157 IMG_3163 IMG_3174 IMG_3276 IMG_3184