Fashion week has been as hectic as ever and because I had so many shows in New York that meant I flew back to London very late and was only able to do one full day of castings in comparison to two or more that other girls who arrived earlier or who didn't go to New York had. I landed late in the evening and was greeted by some of my closest friends who just made my homecoming that little bit more fun and the next morning I was up early to be at my agency at 9am and jump in a car to drive me to all my castings as I had to make as many as I could and that would not happen by public transport. Altogether I had about 18-20 castings that day and got home at 10pm and had booked two shows for the following day- Whistles and Ashish which I enjoyed so much. London has such a different vibe to New York, adiposity it's more laid back and chilled backstage where as New York fashion week emulates the city- fast pace and crazy with a lot of energy. The following day I walked for the beautiful british designer Preen and later that day had a fitting for one of my biggest shows of my season so far- Tom Ford which was just spectacular. I arrived in Milan this morning and have been casting all day so do forgive my lack of posts! You'll be happy to know that Cracked China Cup is getting a facelift which will launch next month and I am so excited to reveal everything to you guys! Even when I am not blogging I am working to have blog worthy tales and blog updates for you all, sales thanks for being patent :) Here are my London shows: 1. Whistles (pic 1 and 2), pharm Ashish (3 and 4), Preen (5), Tom Ford (6 and 7) shows25 shows26 shows1 shows2 shows13 shows23 shows24 Tom Ford was one of my biggest shows this season and I was just so excited when my agency told me I had to go to his headquarters for a request casting. It was the same place I had travelled to for those two weeks when I worked there so it was very familiar to me and I loved seeing all of the staff who I had spent so much time with over those weeks in May. I walked for Mr. Ford, website like this cheapest James Scully (the casting director), page Kady England (the stylist) and some of the Tom Ford team and I guess they were happy as I was given my looks and they began fitting them for me. I returned two days later for one more fitting the day before the show. The show itself was held in a venue in Victoria but it felt like a set from a movie; the whole room was covered in dark mirrors, even the floor was a cold reflective metal that glistened when the spotlights struck it. The opening music was Heaven by Jay-z which I just lovedddddd as I love Jay and it got me in the correct mood to walk for the show. We had to be there four hours before the show started at 7:30pm which allowed us time to get ready at a nice pace as oppose to rushing which I liked and I got to catch up with one of my closest model friends Betty too! The atmosphere before the show was electric as all the girls practised their walks in the beautiful shoes and we discussed who was sitting front row- Andre Leon Talley being one of them. Mr. Ford walked amongst us chatting away and complimenting us which was lovely and I even got a picture with him despite being told no photos (Im such a rebel). Once the show began I was filled with a buzzing excitement and couldn't wait to walk- it was amazing. You couldn't see the audience because of how bright the lights were but it felt amazing to have two looks instead of one, giving me the opportunity to walk again. It was over so quickly- there wasn't even a finale but everyone left smiling. I headed home so happy with how my show season was going and went home to have a meeting about my blog before I packed and left for Milan where I am right now! Wish me luck! DSC09847 DSC09849 DSC09850 copy DSC09851 copy DSC09853 copy DSCN0040 DSCN0041 DSCN0043 DSC09859 DSC09865 DSC09868 shows24 shows23