With my job I travel a lot but it is always when I come to New York that I have complications with packing, ampoule side effects drugs especially on the way back home. I either buy so much stuff that I need a larger case or that it weighs a ton and I have to pay excess (or my suitcase breaks on arrival and my underwear is scattered across the carousel lol)- There is always something wrong. However, information pills view this time I have perfected my packing skills and have managed to pack all my clothes, shoes and all of the extra stuff I bought including six pairs of shoes and two giant bottles of alcohol without making my case over weight- here's how.

1. Picking the right luggage.

Everyone wants the good looking suitcases and to bring their cutest handbag for those sex airport pictures but if, like me, you are more interested in the content of your suitcase then you will have to think practically. I have one large suitcase which I will check in, one hand luggage suitcase and one massive backpack; the backpack I can argue is my "personal bag" which all airlines allow so make good use of it. Mine currently contains four pairs of shoes, a pair of trainers, my laptop, my camera, all my liquids that are below 100ml, my straighteners and all my chargers. These are the items which definitely add a lot of weight to a suit case.


2. Shoes make great storage.

Do you know how much space goes wasted inside a shoe? do you know how much make-up or how many nail varnishes can fit inside that tiny gap? Even underwear and socks. Not to mention that any make-up you put inside a shoe would be really safe and if there are any spillages at least it will be inside your shoe and not all over your clothes.


3.  Vacuum storage bags are amazing.

Without these I would not be speaking to you today. I would not be writing this post. My suitcase would not be zipping up. I got a set of 5 vacuum bags in various sizes for around £10 from Bed Bath & Beyond (UK readers you can find them on amazon I believe) and they have reduced my bulging suitcase into an empty shell (meaning I can bring back more alcohol lol). My entire wardrobe has been fitted into two small vacuum bags (pictured) and one large one and items that I didn't want to get creased I have placed neatly on top. However, these will not reduce the weight of your case just the size of the content but it will make it easier to distribute the weight between your cases; Half of my wardrobe os now inside my hand luggage bag.


4. Pack scales.

Don't wish to face the embarrassment of unpacking your suitcase at the airport in front of everyone and jiggling stuff around because your case is overweight? Buy one of these. My mum orders so many stupid things from that better ware magazine but this I cannot fault her for; it is our genius. Simply hook it to your case and lift it up (lift with your knees)- The little black dial will record the weight of your case. You can get these anywhere online or from the Betterware magazine (thanks mum).


5. Layer Up.

Now if like me you have bought far too many items of clothing and you don't want your case to be over weight then let me tell you that denim and leather are some of the heaviest fabrics. I am going to look like a twat going to the airport but I really do not care. Wearing several layers of clothing is smart; The airport is air-conditioned, I can take it off once on the plane or even better- Buy an item for duty free and get a big bag then take your layers off in the bathroom. If you're wondering why I don't want my case to be over weight its not because of the extra I would have to pay but because I am bringing back tons of alcohol which you're not really meant to and you are more likely to be stopped and searched at the airport if your case is over weight.


6. Wear your heaviest/ bulkiest footwear.

Think smart and remember that not all your footwear weighs the same. If you need to get rid of some weight but don't want to compromise what you bring then change your shoes as well as tip number 5 and you may see the scales go down.


7. Leave extra packaging!

If you've been shopping and bought a lot of bits then just ditch the boxes- you won't be able to return it anyway! My brother loves keeping boxes "just incase he sells them" which he is never ever going to do not even on his death bed so he learned to just leave them at the hotel. they're bulky and add weight- not to mention that they can be easily damaged rendering them void anyway.