I have been in New York for a week now and it has been such a great way to start my time here! For the first few days I was casting for jobs and meeting potential clients such as photographers and casting directors for various things. It is such a different experience in comparison to casting for shows because I have way more free time and I don't have to rush around which just gives me time to enjoy the city. In my next vlog I will fill you in on everything I have done this week from drunken karaoke with Jourdan Dunn to eating "snow crab legs" out of a bag (delicious). On Friday I had my first job here and it was heaven sent- I shot the look book for Nike! A look book is basically all of the new items they have created for that season being shot and put into a book or online or wherever so everyone can see what the new collection is comprised of- Im guessing this will be for A/W 2013. I had my fitting on Thursday and the job was on Friday with an 8am call time and there were four models- two girls and two boys. I love shooting sportswear because it comes naturally to me to move in trainers and tracksuits; heels are so stifling haha. The team was so fun and the atmosphere was relaxed with a mix of old school hip hop playing in the background. You would also be proud of me as I made a friend who took me to eat and chill afterwards- Frida was a good day! photo 1 photo 2