Yesterday I was working for one of my favourite clients Ralph Lauren doing an in house presentation. An In house job isn't like a fashion week show or a campaign; it is a job hosted by the brand for their clients who range from loyal customers and buyers to celebrities. We were modelling their Spring/ Summer 2013 collection and would go up on to a podium where our outfit was discussed. Afterwards we mingled with the crowd who would ask us questions about the clothes (none of which we really knew the answer to haha) and I had some really interesting conversations too- I met the owners of Morleys chicken and chip enterprise! Very random! I had a nice day starting from 12pm and finishing at 9pm and got to catch up with my friend Frida who is pictured below! photo 1 The podium we stood on and some lush handbags photo 2   Hair and Make-up photo 3 Doing dumb faces with my make-up on haha *pouts* photo 4   Me and Frida *I have entered the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards! Please vote for me in the new fashion blog category by clicking the picture below (might just look like a pink box on iPhones)- only takes a minute!*
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