Do you have an item in your wardrobe that you like the style of but the colour has faded? Maybe you've seen a dress or tee that you love but the colour at all? Then the simple solution would be to hop on to eBay and buy some dye- thats exactly what I did today! I love my basketball shorts but they only come in grey; I have seen black ones but they were designer and way more expensive. Instead I bought another pair of the grey and bought some clothes dye from eBay for about £3 and dyed the shorts black. It's so simple it hardly even counts as a D.I.Y but I thought I'd remind you that all is not lost on those faded jeans or that beautiful dress you saw in the store!   My tips to you would be: wear old clothes when dying- it does tend to get everywhere. Do it in the bathroom or kitchen; somewhere without carpet! Purchase two packets of dye if you want it to be super black [if dying a product black] keep cleaning any surfaces that the dye lands on- bleach works the best. DSC08823 DSC08835 DSC08836 DSC08839 I recently took a look at my wardrobe and realised that it was all very monochrome; it's not that I don't like colour but I just prefer to wear black, order sale white and grey with my footwear usually providing a pop of colour. Where I don't wear accessories either, drug I felt like I should make more of an effort to wear colour so I pulled out this green jacket which I had gotten from H&M about a year ago to brighten up my outfit. My look is still very muted with my black skinny jeans, cheapest black and white tee and monochrome footwear, but the jacket really does bring the look to life. Paired with my favourite round sunglasses and neoprene clutch, I feel like I did alright for my first attempt at to wear bright colours! *Don't forget to vote for my in the Cosomopolitan Blog Awards! scroll down to the bottom of any post and click the link provided and vote for me in the 'New Fashion Blog' category*  Jacket, Old H&M Tee, Hype Means Nothing Jeans, Topshop Tall Kicks, Raf Simons Sunglasses, Topshop Bracelet, & Other Stories Clutch, & Other Stories DSC08715 DSC08719 DSC08720 DSC08728 DSC08736 DSC08738