I don’t usually do music posts but one thing you guys must have gathered from my clothes to my vlogs is that Kanye West is a big inspiration to me. So when I saw that he was releasing his new song ‘New Slaves’ by projecting the video across the world I knew I had to attend! I woke up in such a hurry this morning to attend a screening to realise that it was actually the wrong time (yes I am so dumb- projections would only be visible at night GRRR!) but I found a really good video of it on youtube and kind of spoiled it for myself lol. The track is so deep- Kanye may seem crazy but he speaks so much truth. In an age where consumerism  and success seem to be under the same belt to some, it is true that we [young minorities or even just this generation in general] could be considered the new slaves, buying things to convey the image of wealth when really we are just selling ourselves to a much larger corporation… don’t want to get too into it as this is just Cracked China Cup lol but the song is just epic. If you don’t want to see the projection then don’t watch the video.