Today I was up at the crack of dawn (7:30am) to get ready for an 8:30am pick up to head down to Bicester Village shopping outlet to attend the opening of a pop up boutique called 'British Designers Collective: Future Vintage'. If you are wondering what 'future vintage' means, ask it is a lovely concept that the designer pieces sold in the store will become iconic pieces of vintage in the future. There were many amazing British brands there from House of Holland to Peter Pilloto and Jonathan Saunders and the event was ramp packed with supporters including some of the designers themselves and ambassador Rita Ora. Rita looked stunning in her red dress and came up to me and said hi which was lovely. She also talked about her love of vintage and memories of Bicester village so passionately that it was clear why she was the ambassador! The pop up shop is an amazing opportunity for people to be able to purchase beautiful pieces from iconic Brits for a great price- definitely worth the trip! 20130502-173221.jpg 20130502-173332.jpg 20130502-173429.jpg 20130502-173525.jpg 20130502-173659.jpg 20130502-173752.jpg 20130502-173900.jpg 20130502-174002.jpg Statement tees are a must have for any decent summer wardrobe in my eyes, buy diagnosis so when the guys at Black Lipstick Mafia showed me their stuff I knew I had to let you guys know! I love my Rihanna inspired tattoo tee which I asked to have made sleeveless- they allow you to customise the shape of your tee which is a major plus. I am in love with Rihanna's rib tattoo but for obvious reasons can't really get one myself; can't get the tat so I got the tee- you can get one here! DSC08740 DSC08749