Do you have an item in your wardrobe that you like the style of but the colour has faded? Maybe you’ve seen a dress or tee that you love but the colour isn’t nice at all? Then the simple solution would be to hop on to eBay and buy some dye- thats exactly what I did today! I love my basketball shorts but they only come in grey; I have seen black ones but they were designer and way more expensive. Instead I bought another pair of the grey and bought some clothes dye from eBay for about £3 and dyed the shorts black. It’s so simple it hardly even counts as a D.I.Y but I thought I’d remind you that all is not lost on those faded jeans or that beautiful dress you saw in the store!


My tips to you would be:

wear old clothes when dying- it does tend to get everywhere.

Do it in the bathroom or kitchen; somewhere without carpet!

Purchase two packets of dye if you want it to be super black [if dying a product black]

keep cleaning any surfaces that the dye lands on- bleach works the best.

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