If you love nails and don’t know about Sophy Robson then I don’t know where you have been! On Saturday I attended her first exclusive nail Masterclass with curator Ryan Lanji and special guest nail artist Nagi, the genius behind Disco Nails, who came from Japan to show us her skills! We got an amazing nail kit with products from Butter London and Leighton Deley as well as other bits perfect for true nail artists. There was an intimate group of nail artists varying from those who were doing it as a hobby to those who had been doing for years and we had 2 hours with Sophy and 2 hours with Nagi. Ryan gave us an interesting history of nails and nail art (did you know its been around since the Egyptian times) followed up by Sophy starting with the basics then moving up and showing us how to do a variety of different designs and how to take inspiration from things around us. When it was Nagis turn I got to be the hand model which was AMAZING. Nagi is from Japan where working with gel nail polishes is the big thing and it was amazing watching her work. Each time she painted something new I had to stick my hand under the UV light which you would think make it take extra long but she worked so fast- pure talent! It was a wicked day and we all learnt so much; cannot wait for her next Masterclass! You can watch my interview with Sophy here.



Our amazing nail kit!

photo 1half of the class


photo 2Sophys nails done by Nagi!


photo 3 photo 4Sophy and Ryan

photo 5Some of the nails Sophy does at her salon- you guys should deffo visit.

photo 1my practice nails

photo 2Sophys demonstration nails

DSC08540 DSC08547My nails done by Nagi

photo 1me and Nagi

photo 2me and Sophy

photo 3

image_1 image_2 imageNagi, Sophy and Ryan