Yes, discount more about more about shoot me. I have bought yet another pair of trainers boo hoo! My latest baby comes in the form of my new favourite Nike trainer, try the Nike Roshe Run. I am in love with this sneaker in a crazy way- they are comfortable, slim and sporty and come in a variety of colour ways and fabrics which to me screams versatility; there is no reason why any two people should have the same version of this shoe. My trainers are a limited edition (now sold out) colour way inspired by my favourite artist Kanye West and his Nike Air Yeezy II. I love them because they are a chic adaptation of the Air Yeezy without looking like a dead imitation- I love the choice of fabric to represent the snake skin element. In my opinion the Nike Roshe Run will be the new Huarache- They are light and sporty as well as chic and come in some dope colour ways and collections; exactly what made the Huarache popular. Of course Huaraches are classics so don't get me wrong, the Roshe in no way will ever beat a classic, but for the hottest summer kick I am definitely calling in the Roshe Run for 2013. DSC08606 DSC08607