I'll be honest with you. I saw this exact nail design on the Wah Nails instagram page and fell in love. But why pay to do something that you can do yourself right? So I thought I'd share with you guys a step by step guide on how to do this beautiful mani! I used: Matte White by Barry M as my base colour Neon Red by American Apparel Holographic by Gosh Cosmetics STEPS: 1. Use the white nail polish as your base colour when using neon nail polishes. Putting white as a base will ensure that your neon nail polish really pops. I used two coats of my white Barry M. Try and get as close to the skin as possible without it actually touching and make sure it is even. [first pic] 2. Do two coats of your neon nail polish. Concentrate on placing the neon polish directly on top of the white- you don't want people to be able to tell that there is white underneath. [second pic] 3. Use your Gosh holographic nail polish and paint a curved line following your natural nail line. Try and make all your nails match so that the manicure looks professional and neat. This polish drags A LOT so just do a rough base and wait for it to dry fully before doing a second and third coat. [third and fourth pic] 4. Wait for your nails to dry completely then use a top coat (preferable sec he vite). If you don't use a top coat with holographic polish it will literally come off after washing your hands lol. [fifth + sixth pic] DSC08339 copy DSC08345 copy DSC08347 copy DSC08349 DSC08350 DSC08359 copy