So yesterday I hit the airport and headed to the big apple where I will be for the next five weeks. Packing was a nightmare; you guys know how many coats I have and they take up so much space! I got to Heathrow and had to pay £70 for my overweight suitcases- that should've been a sign of things to come. My tv on the plane was broken but I kicked up a fuss and they moved me so I was able to watch 'Pitch Perfect' which is amazing by the way! I got off the plane and went through customs happy that I didn't have to get interviewed or anything but I had a MASSIVE headache. I waited by the suitcase carousel for my two bags... First one came no problem. Another 15 minutes went by and I could see people looking at a particular suitcase.. It came round and I saw it was mine. They had broken my zip and all my stuff was pouring out into a tray. Imagine my underwear was hanging out and all sorts. How embarrassing. I called my mum crying! At the moment I only have one room mate so I'm so happy! Her name is Terri and she's from Scotland which is great; nice to hear a British voice. I will keep you guys up to date with my travels here and will also do some video diary type things if you like? Wish me luck in New York which by the way is around minus one degrees! My suitcase the night before! 20130104-151748.jpg 20130104-151820.jpg