Americans always seem to be so far ahead when it comes to hair products so when I saw these Moroccan Oil hair products for $8 and $6 I had to buy them! (I know they sell these products in the U.K but they are far more expensive).  I haven't had a chance to use the hair treatment as I haven't washed my own hair yet but the oil is lovely! I use a small amount on the tips of my fingers and massage it into my scalp and it gives my hair a lovely glossy look without being to greasy. My hair was feeling quiet dry since coming to New York so this oil was the perfect product I went to a hairdressers here this week called 'Amoy Couture Hair' where all of the black models go to get their hair done and it was really good, this web definitely going to go back a few times before I leave! DSC07576   At the moment my wardrobe has taken a turn from bright colours such as neon yellow to more subtle, viagra buy mind contrast colours; black and white. I love these socks from ASOS because they have the sheer panel; exposing the ankle but keeping it covered at the same time. I also ordered some brogues that would look perfect with these socks AND got some new trousers but I am waiting of them all to arrive so I can shoot a wardrobe post for you so you can see how I do the monochrome look properly. DSC07589   DSC07585