As New York Fashion Week is fast approaching I thought you guys would like to know what I would consider to be my wardrobe essentials when it comes to castings. There are some basic items that I think no model could live without and others which are just my personal casting favourites; Hope you enjoy :).


All black everything is literally the foundation of every models wardrobe. whether it be a pair of signature skinnies or a simple black long sleeve, ask every models wardrobe has at least two of the clothing items. When it comes to footwear a model must know how to feel comfortable on the way to the casting and look classy once entering. hence the trainers and the killer heels.


Once the basics have been established I like to think about how I can make my outfit more interesting and memorable- No one remembers the boring outfit. For me, spicing up my outfit may be adding a neon knit with a pleated skirt and tights or a sheer shirt with my black skinnies; just something that adds a twist to the usual model uniform. If I wear shorts this season it will be a pair of black Levi shorts but I used my room mates to give an idea as to show it doesn't always have to be the plain black skinnies. Oh and that bundle of black in the corner is a pair of tights, I love wearing sheer tights with skirts and shorts!


When constructing the perfect casting outfit I always aim to show my personality through my look to clients as I feel it is one of the most important quality a model can possess. During fashion week, clients will see hundreds of girls daily and I want them to remember me; even if its just my outfit. I love wearing statement tees because they can show personality and start up conversation. My favourites are my Karl Lagerfeld tee from Berlin and my (Ce)line up the bitches tee by Michael Agwunobi because they are both bold and fashion related. I love messing around with shapes and textures which is why I love my cropped, collarless jacket for castings; teamed with a skirt and tights it adds another layer to my look without covering up my body. Layering up in winter is also essential but can be hard to do without covering up your silhouette which is why I love using a plain white shirt underneath a black tee; it looks smart and preppy without looking bulky.