In April this year I shot my first hair commercial. Most of you guys will never get to see it as its usage is in Africa only so this would be considered a commercial, purchase money job as opposed to one for exposure. It was for a new hair dye for Dark and Lovely which is owned by Loreal and of course I was very sceptical about having my hair dyed with permanent colour! After much contemplating I decided to go for it as it was a well paid job and I would get to go to Thailand so I was taken to Paris first to have my hair dyed. 20121218-174413.jpg It was a really scary process for me because although I've had my hair dyed before it was only with semi permanent colour and therefore never damaged my hair so I was worried.  From Paris I flew for what was basically a day to Doha and got my connecting flight to Bangkok, purchase Thailand. I was so happy to have this opportunity as I never usually get to go to such exotic places and was excited to eat the food! The first day was all about doing the hair and picking and fitting the clothes. The clothes part was fine and I met the their models who I would be spending the rest of the job with but the hair part was hard to deal with. I was told I'd need to cut my hair which I wasn't told before accepting the job and it was kind of too late to say no... I was already in Thailand! I cried my eyes out afterwards! Shooting the commercial was interesting as it was my first time working on a TV set and having to learn a few lines. Although I was in Thailand,the commercial was shot inside in a house so I didn't get to experience the lush weather :(! It was repetitive but I enjoyed the change from shooting still images. I was so embarrassed to say my lines amongst the other girls as they both had New York accents and there was me with my south London one trying to imitate them without them noticing! It took two long days to shoot the commercial with a call time of 6:30/7am on one day finishing later into the evening; I'd eat beautiful Thai food everyday and had Thai massages everyday as they cost about £12!




After the job I flew back to Paris to have my hair dyed back to brown with a special oil based dye and then came back to London. It was an amazing experience to go to Thailand even though I didn't get to look around at all; I still got to go there which was fantastic. The hair colour is called 'Spicy Red' by Dark and Lovely! 20121218-175539.jpg 20121218-175439.jpg