The year is nearly over and I have so many things to be thankful for. My blog is up and running and work is non stop and that means my shopping habits have sky rocketed and my shoe rack has doubled! When it comes to kicks I have a real selective taste and have to be in love, diagnosis so I thought I'd show you the top five trainers that I've bought this year that have a permanent place in my heart and shoe rack. 5. Air Yeezy IIs. I know there was a time when everyone who cares about sneakers got caught in the hype that was Kanye West and Nikes second collaboration, hospital 'Air Yeezy IIs'.  People were tweeting pictures of dudes in sleeping bags camping outside 1948 and Foot Patrol for the chance to get a pair of the exclusive kicks that came in 'Black/ Solar Red' and 'Wolf Grey'. I was in Spain when they came out so I made all of my friends enter the raffle held by Foot Patrol and just prayed that one of them won. Of course it had to be my best friend Giovanna who won out of the ten people I had asked to enter and woke up early to get to Foot Patrol in Central London to pick up my beloved Air Yeezy's.
    4. Nike Huarache Free Run. I got these Huarache's November last year and they were my favourite for a hot minute. I love how vintage the colour way is; I was actually told by some middle aged man on the street that he too had the exact same colour way at my age. They're super comfortable and I loved that this colour way wasn't available in stores. The only thing I wish was different was the sole- The original sole which has been re-released this year in other colours is so hot. I'm not a runner; I don't need the runnig sole but I had to have this colour!
      3. Giuseppe Zanotti.

When I first saw these last year I fell in love but wasn't loving the price. My boyfriend and his amazing memory remembered how I loved these sneakers and bought them for my birthday (Valentines Day) and laid them on a bed of roses at a hotel for me! These are my flashiest items of footwear and I love wearing them on sunny days so the light reflects off of the gold bars- deffo my top three kicks of 2012.

        2. YSL Sneakers.

These sneakers are beauts; simple, understated elegance in a trainer. When I saw them my heart began to race. All other shoes became blurred in my vision. I had to have them! They have a black and gold colour way  (the tongue being gold) which I had originally bought but realised that they were just not me; I already had my Giuseppes which had enough gold for me. I bought these and love their simple fabrics and colours; perfect for my all black days.

    1. Nike Vintage Vortex. Now, you may be surprised at the winner of my best kicks of 2012. They're not expensive, nor flashy or exclusive, but these trainers are my go to guys for literally every outfit and are so comfortable it is unbelievable. When Im unsure of what trainers to wear these babies smile up at me. When I want a little bit of understated colour, the grey, green and white combination does the job. I wear them rain or shine and take them to every country I go to; they've seen Thailand, Spain, Sweden and beyond! Everyone needs a pair of trainers that will always be there for them in those times of wardrobe crisis and these are mine.