Everyone always asks me where I get some of my unique pieces such as jackets and bags and the answer is always "online" or more specifically "eBay". I never ever go in shops as I see no reason to; why go out and see what everyone else sees when theres a whole world of vintage goods out there waiting for a new home?! This video will give you some of my top tips to shopping online- hope you enjoy! This is my first video like this so comments are truly appreciated and if you want me to do an online shopping haul video next week showing you all of my vintage bits I have got online then write in the comment box below or tweet me! Yesterday was my second time working with the legendary designer Ralph Lauren for more in house work. There was an event at the store which is held for a handful of clients who are loyal buyers of the brand. They shop, order prescription have canapés and caviar and basically have an amazing shopping experience! I wore a beautiful silk gown and my job was to mingle with crowd showing off the dress which retailed for exactly £3990! I tried caviar for the first and last time yesterday; it was awful. "Let the taste of the ocean melt in your mouth" said the connoisseur. "Its a beautiful taste. Like standing at the end of a pier on a stormy day." said the connoisseur. It was awful. The most expensive awful mouthful I've ever had! my mouthful alone would probably go for £100 according to the seller; a small tin cost £750 with discount and the large one cost around £2000! For fish fetus? No thank you! Had a nice evening but had achy feet by the end of the three hours! Wish I could've taken the beautiful dress home!

My beautiful silk gown!

Lisa, Lucy and Leomie :)


The Ralph Lauren poster boys and girls... Good old Tyson Beckford.